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The Odyssey

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

August 17 - August 28, 2019

CCACC Art Gallery held the group exhibition,"The Odyssey" exhibits 35 artworks by seven artists from Taiwan.

Participating Artists: Ku-Mo Lee, Jung-Tsung Wu, Hui-Tang Lin, Wen-Tung Huang, Teng-Hsuan Huang, Ying-Hui Ke and Ling Juan

Six Taiwanese Artists demo a "The Odyssey" country-style color ink painting

Exhibition Artwork

Ku-mo Lee 李穀摩

In his immense creativity, the diversity of ink flows such as thick and dry, shallow and dense, they have been recorded a brimful of interest and meaningful metaphors. Therefore, audience can understand the artist’s life principles through the composition between concrete and abstract of his paintings.

Jung-tsung Wu 吳榮宗

Working with media such as tsai-mo, Eastern gouache and mineral pigment, I combine my techniques with ‘objectively present things’ and ‘conditions of objective circumstances’ to express the beauty of flower informed by Western and Eastern influences in a slightly decorative, aestheticist form. Instilling new decorative elements into calligraphic compositions, the variations of black ink bring a rhythmic world of colors to the flowers as the visual focus of my works.

Hui-tang Lin 林輝堂

I have three dreams: The first dream is about tradition. I adore Chinese culture, and I particularly love the colorfulness, splendor and changefulness of yohen tenmoku. My second dream is about modern times.

I am an oil painter who would like to move yohen tenmoku to the canvas. To express it in different ways, I must mingle acrylic colors into the different forms and luster of tenmoku. My final dream is about future. Our future is in the outer space, and therefore I created the two series Night and Day and The Vast Universe with the attributes and texture of tenmoku.

Wen Tung Huang 黄文棟

My works are inspired by history, elements of nature, and life experiences. Traditional cultural concepts and art images tend to limit and undermine the potential of art to transform aesthetically. Eastern humanistic aesthetics of tranquility, peacefulness, modesty, desirelessness, and inaction, they transcend the conceptual categories of realism, expressionism, impressionism and abstraction, uniting Heaven, Earth, and Humankind with Tao to move into chaos and transcendence. To create ‘art with Tao” is the highest manifestation of the elements of pure art: truth, goodness, and beauty.

Teng-Hsuan Huang 黃騰萱

“All states of mind are landscapes.”

Focusing primarily on landscapes in Taiwan, I use images of Ming and Qing tableware, vessels of old memories and emotions, to discover the brilliant forms and contents of our lands and cities, to pay tributes to our lands on which people have toiled with the reminiscences of our lives. The oil paintings and line drawings from my “Pearl on the Ocean” series depict the poetry of the houses, flowers, birds, and signs on our island. “The subtle color tones, so vibrant and magnificent, highlight the tenacious life of Taiwan,” giving rise to new cultural developments between East and West.

Ying-hui Ke 葛映惠

I propose to paint with the colors that represent Chinese culture – Chinese red, glass yellow, porcelain blue, and pagoda green – to constitute the palette of Chinese culture, record the thoughts and experiences of Chinese people, and express the cultural difference between the China and the West. These works intend to present the images of the cultural exchange between the Eastern and the Western with the vocabularies.

Ling Juan 阮玲

Art creation is a process of pursuing knowledge. Artists are close friends of nature. A painter’s visual expressions of things can enrich your life magically. The core value of art is to bring life energy, spiritual cultivation and art into a union. From colorful representations of emotional twists to spiritual ideas and imaginary landscapes — they are the indispensable elements of my work.

Our Reception

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