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We Need Your Support to Upgrade Our Art Gallery!

March 21, 2024


Dear CCACC members and friends,

I am writing to share an exciting opportunity and invite you to support our efforts to enhance the visitor experience by acquiring a state-of-the-art digital audio-visual system for our art gallery.

As a non-profit leading cultural and services organization in our community, CCACC Art Gallery is committed to providing innovative and immersive art experiences that engage, educate, and inspire our visitors. With your support, we aim to acquire a mobile LED video wall and two interactive kiosks to revolutionize how we present and interpret artworks, exhibitions, forums, workshops, and more.

We envision cutting-edge technology with high-resolution LED displays, and the interactive touchscreen system will enable us to:

  • Create Immersive Exhibitions: With large displays and multimedia installations, we can transform our gallery space into an immersive environment that captivates and enthralls visitors, enhancing their appreciation for the art on display.​

  • Expand Educational Opportunities: Interactive touchscreens and multimedia presentations will provide visitors with access to in-depth information, artist interviews, and educational resources, enriching the understanding of the artwork and its cultural significance.​

  • Reach New Audiences: By leveraging digital technology, we can extend the reach of our exhibitions and programs beyond the walls of our gallery, reaching audiences around the world through virtual tours, live-streamed events, and online engagement platforms.​

  • Support Artist Innovation: The digital visual system will allow artists to experiment with new forms of expression, including digital art, video installations, and interactive media, fostering creativity and innovation within our community.

We seek your support through our fundraising campaign to realize this vision, ensuring that CCACC Art Gallery remains at the forefront of artistic innovation and cultural enrichment. Your generous donation will directly contribute to purchasing and installing the LED video wall, audio system, and kiosks, which cost about $100,000.

We are applying for a cost-sharing grant for this purpose. Your support will help our chances of winning the grant from the County and double your donation power. We invite you to participate in this transformative initiative and help us create a truly immersive, engaging, and unforgettable gallery experience. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference and leave a lasting legacy in our community.

Please scan the QR code below (Left: English, right: Chinese) to donate. In the Donation Purpose column, please select CCACC Art Gallery. To learn more about our fundraising campaign, please visit our website at or contact us directly at Together, we can shape the future of art presentation and appreciation at CCACC Art Gallery.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Warm regards,


Rita Lewi
Director of CCACC Art Gallery
Executive Director of the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Inc. (CCACC)


​English Donation Page

​Chinese Donation Page






  • 沈浸式展覽:通過大型展示和多媒體裝置,我們將畫廊空間轉變為一個令參觀者身臨其境的環境,將會吸引更多的參觀者,增強大家對展出藝術品的欣賞興趣。

  • 擴大教育機會:互動式觸摸屏和多媒體演示將為參觀者提供更深入的信息、藝術家訪談和教育資源,豐富其對藝術品及其文化意義的理解。

  • 吸引新觀眾:通過視頻,我們可以將展覽項目擴展到畫廊之外,通過虛擬參觀活動和在線參與平臺觸及廣大的觀眾。

  • 支援藝術家創新:數位視覺系統將有助於藝術家們嘗試新的表達形式,包括數位藝術、視頻裝置和互動媒體,從而促進我們社區的創造力與創新。

在此,我們藉由籌款活動尋求您的支助,以實現這一願景。您的慷慨捐贈將直接用於購買和安裝 LED 視頻牆、音響系統和資訊亭,費用約為100,000美元。同時,我們也為此目的申請政府的費用分攤、匹配的補助項目,您的捐贈必將有效增加我們贏得此補助的優勢,幫助我們獲得足夠的款項以開啟藝廊升級項目。所以,我們邀請您參與這一變革性計劃,並與我們攜手創造一個現代化的且令人難忘的全新的藝廊體驗。您的捐贈,無論多少,都意義重大,將在我們的社區留下持久的文化傳承。











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