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The Art of Astrophotography

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

October 5, 2019 – November 20, 2019

CCACC Art Gallery held the solo exhibition, entitled "The Art of Astrophotography" exhibit 21 artworks by Chao Wang from October 5th, 2019 to November 20th, 2019. The opening reception and artist talk scheduled on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 at 2 pm.

Who am I? At the beginning of the "Brilliant Starry Sky, Time and Space Intersect, and Meet You Thousands of Years Ago", Chao Wang introduced a series of his photography qualifications and experiences, and then slowly explained how he started his journey of astrophotography by way of storytelling. The entire story was captured by an Eagle Nebula taken by the NASA Hubble Telescope, which inspired Chao Wang's original intention for astrophotography. Chao Wang shared some of his very early astrophotography photos, such as: his first “Milky Way” and the first “Star Trail”.

Chao Wang continued to introduce the equipment for shooting astrophotography one by one, such as: the equatorial mount, guide telescope, guide camera, refrigerated camera and telescope, etc., and set up a set of usual shooting equipment at the scene, explaining and operating on the spot. Let the audience who came to the lecture know how to capture images of deep space stars. On the spot, he also explained some astronomical knowledge, such as: how to find the position of the North Star, and the relationship between the summer triangle and the Milky Way.

After that, Chao Wang introduced how beautiful astronomical photos were produced. After capturing numerous original deep space stars, he used special processing software to correct star points and overlay images, and then combined red, green and blue, independent three primary color image files into a colorful photo.

All of the astrophotography artworks exhibited at CCACC Art Gallery, except for the photos of the solar eclipse and the moon, which are single exposures, all the photos of deep space stars were produced by overlaying. The total exposure hours for each artwork range from approximately twelve to eighteen hours.

The Art of Astrophotography Exhibition, Chao Wang presented to all the VIPs at CCACC.

【Chao Wang】

【Astrophotography Artworks】

NGC281_20X30_RR 小精靈星雲 (Pacman Nebula)

NGC896_The Fish-head Nebula_魚頭星雲

SH2-157_Lobster Claw Nebula_龍蝦鉗星雲


SH2-101_The Tulip Nebula_鬱金香星雲

NGC7380_The Wizard Nebula_巫師星雲

NGC2359_The Thor’s Helmet Nebula_雷神頭盔星雲

IC1318_The Butterfly Nebula_蝴蝶星雲

M42_The Orion Nebula_獵戶座星雲

IC1805_The Heart Nebula_心心星雲

NGC6960_The Veil Nebula Wide Field_頭紗星雲群 寬景

M13_Great Globular Cluster in Hercules_武仙座球狀星團

IC410 Tadpole Nebula_蝌蚪星雲

NGC6992_The Eastern Veil_頭紗星雲

IC417_The Spider Nebula_蜘蛛星雲

NGC7000_The North America (Mosic)_北美洲星雲

NGC7635_The Bubble Nebula_泡泡星雲

Total Eclipse 20%_日全蝕 20%

Bloody Moon_血月

Total Eclipse_日全蝕

【Artist Statement】

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