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The Art of Astrophotography

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

October 5, 2019 – November 20, 2019

CCACC Art Gallery held the solo exhibition, entitled "The Art of Astrophotography" exhibit 21 artworks by Chao Wang.

Exhibition Artwork

Our Reception

About the Exhibition

Who am I? At the beginning of the "Brilliant Starry Sky, Time and Space Intersect, and Meet You Thousands of Years Ago", Chao Wang introduced a series of his photography qualifications and experiences, and then slowly explained how he started his journey of astrophotography by way of storytelling. The entire story was captured by an Eagle Nebula taken by the NASA Hubble Telescope, which inspired Chao Wang's original intention for astrophotography. Chao Wang shared some of his very early astrophotography photos, such as: his first “Milky Way” and the first “Star Trail”.

Chao Wang continued to introduce the equipment for shooting astrophotography one by one, such as: the equatorial mount, guide telescope, guide camera, refrigerated camera and telescope, etc., and set up a set of usual shooting equipment at the scene, explaining and operating on the spot. Let the audience who came to the lecture know how to capture images of deep space stars. On the spot, he also explained some astronomical knowledge, such as: how to find the position of the North Star, and the relationship between the summer triangle and the Milky Way.

After that, Chao Wang introduced how beautiful astronomical photos were produced. After capturing numerous original deep space stars, he used special processing software to correct star points and overlay images, and then combined red, green and blue, independent three primary color image files into a colorful photo.

All of the astrophotography artworks exhibited at CCACC Art Gallery, except for the photos of the solar eclipse and the moon, which are single exposures, all the photos of deep space stars were produced by overlaying. The total exposure hours for each artwork range from approximately twelve to eighteen hours.

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