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Land of Morning Calm

May 4 – 31, 2019

CCACC Art Gallery celebrates the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Exhibition "Land of Morning Calm" was held on May 4 to May 31, 2019.

The five Korean Artists perform different styles of their artworks on the exhibition. There are:

■ Myoung-Won Kwon – “Calligraphy is a mirror that reflects the deepest feelings in the heart.” Those rare moments of clarity are the makings of his inner mind, and those thoughts and feelings his present to the world by a stroke of a brush.

■ Mihae Namkoong – Using oriental mineral pigments on Korean mulberry paper, Mihae layers many light washes of paint to create subtle depth and variation of color .

■ Sunsook Shin – Over the years, the painting style has evolved into a more contemporary style. The beauty found in dance performance and drummers inspired much of the works.

■ Bok Kim – During the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, Bok listens carefully to the nature. Voice with eyes closed - following the flow, not contradicting it, accepting the present reality while respecting the traditional ways, she journey into the word of creative arts.

■ In-Soon Shih – She wants to radically break the traditional ink painting style using an infusion of modern post abstract ideas. The style that has developed within In-Soon uses the ink, brush strokes, wash and paper of traditional oriental teaching but is outside of the prescripts of classic oriental painting.

Myoung-Won Kwon

Mihae Namkoong

Sunsook Shin

Bok Kim

In-Soon Shih

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