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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

May 05, 2018 - June 01, 2018

Kan Tai-Keung's Solo Exhibition of Art and Design

Exhibition Artwork

Opening Reception

About the Exhibit

In this exhibition, Mr. Kan will exhibit 40 ink paintings, 25 pieces of design works, and an ink-and-ink installation. It presents a dialogue between ink and design, and fully expresses the artist's dual identity as an artist and designer. style. Reluctantly began painting in 1965, studied graphic design in 1967, and joined the design industry in the same year. In 1969, Nguyen's first exploration of ink painting's new direction, and the design art go hand in hand and interact with each other, walk away from the individual's unique ways, at the same time in the two areas distributed brilliance.

Kan's ink painting has long been influenced by the concept of modern design. The “Mountain Nightmare” painting installation in this exhibition is a new poem of the same name written by Yan in 1984. It is written in sketches of 12 characters written in cursive style.

Although Kan is a graphic designer, he often creates cross-cutting works. The ink and wash paintings in the exhibition are all derived from cultural and creative products such as scarves and dance clothes, as well as medal designs. The "Yidan Award" was the first international education award to be awarded last year. Yong's use of the ink in "One" and a symbolic point of a little red heart to form the "Dan" word logo; then Jin Song Gao Shi, painted into a landscape painting scarf; then cast into a semi-dimensional solid gold medal. This series of works to win more praise for the barely win, but also to the new ink painting art of the new heights.

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