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Marble Surface

Paul K. Y. Kwok

I hope the showing of these paintings will remind viewers that the natural scenes are always beautiful and that they will make arrangements to enjoy. I also hope that the following review by a colleague of mine will help you enjoy more of my work.


“With rich and vibrant colors, the artist’s use of broad brushstrokes over a horizontal surface allows the full grandeur of nature to manifest concealing idyllic Chinese elements within a western visage, the pieces successfully fuse the aesthetic philosophies of China and the West.”  Kai-Yuen Ng, director, K. Y. Fine Art.

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Kwok Art
Into the River
Ten Thousand Trees of Falling Leaves
Heavy Cloud, Fading Mountains in the Evening Light
The Sun is Leaving, The Evening is Staying Bright
Bright Fall Color, Warm Level River
Extension of Mountain Green around the Lake
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