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Marble Surface

In-soon Shin

The work of the relief is one of my serial works: which is  han-ji pulp pressed impressions of ancient Korean tomb reliefs. The tomb reliefs were used to depict auspicious eternal life power. By fragmenting the images I depict the limits of personal endeavors and the use of the han-ji paper indicates impermanence.

Based on East Asian art teachings I am using my “Ki (氣) ” – one’s sense and sensibility, an expression of internal (personal) energy and the philosophy, an expression of life's connectivity with the universal cycle, to explore my personal artistic inner vision, my inner passions.

Now, my attempt is to transform the ancient motifs of my heritage into the contemporary visual art world.

In-soon Shin.jpeg

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Auspicious World
Eternal Cycle – I
Auspicious Sign – I
Auspicious Era
Eternal Cycle – II
Cycle 64
Shin Art
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