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Marble Surface

Akemi Maegawa

Akemi Maegawa works with ceramics and mixed media and her work often responds to unique perception of western civilization because of her background strongly rooted in Japanese culture and history. Her works quite often look deceptively simple and ironically ordinary.  However, she focuses on the beauty or drama through exploring those mundane objects to search and define a meaning of life.


Maegawa is a Washington, DC based artist born, raised and worked in Japan. She holds MFA in Ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art and BFA from the Corcoran Collage of Art and Design.

Instagram: @akimichka

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Your Sunny Side Should Be Up Chair
Baby Bottles With Gun
Cradle To Grave (Red)
Thank You Artist Friends on Facebook
Dream Home
Artist's Urn Is A Collector's Cookie Jar (Series 2020)
Maegawa Art
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