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Exhibition Policies and Guidelines


 • Promote the artistic appreciation of cultural differences 宣揚多元藝術欣賞
 • Facilitate community engagement through the arts 藉藝術促進社區參與

 • Showcase the creativity of local and contemporary artists 展示本地和當代藝術家作品

 • Create a venue where artists can exhibit and sell their artwork 為藝術家提供展覽和銷售的場地


Display of Artwork

1. The CCACC Art Gallery is ultimately responsible for the overall appearance of the Gallery, and may use discretion and flexibility when deciding how the space is to be allocated when managing events and activities.

2. The Artist delivers his/her own artwork in “ready to hang” condition (meaning the artwork is appropriately framed and fitted with wire or other hanging devices) to the exhibit location at the specified time and date (which will be determined prior to the opening of the exhibit). The Artist is responsible for hanging his/her own artwork.

3. Artwork that is unable to be framed may be accepted under certain circumstances.

4. The Artist provides a printed label (title, artist, media, year and descriptions) for each artwork on white cardstock paper or the similar.

5. The CCACC Art Gallery provides limited pedestals; the artist may need to provide additional pedestals when displaying 3-D sculptures.

6. The Artist represents and warrants to the CCACC Art Gallery that the artwork is the original creation of the Artist, and is not in violation of any copyright, trademark or other similar laws and regulations.

7. The CCACC Art Gallery reserves the right to refuse to display any artwork that it deems distasteful, objectionable, offensive, not compatible with the overall nature and environment of the CCACC Art Gallery, or for any other reason the CCACC Art Gallery deems proper.

8. The Artist shall not remove the artwork from the display before the exhibit end date.


Artist Limitation and Waiver of Liability

1. The Artist is encouraged to buy his/her own artwork insurance to cover his/her property. There are no special guarantees or security provided.

2. The CCACC provides a limited amount of artwork damage compensation to each artwork if the damage occurs in CCACC’s premises. Damage that occurs in transit to or from CCACC’s premises is not covered. The amount of compensation will be determined by the insurance company. Exclusions may apply.

3. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the artist shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless CCACC and its respective officers, directors, employees and agents from and against all claims, injuries, damages, losses, expenses, fines, causes of action, suits or other liabilities, arising out of the exhibition of their work on the premises of CCACC.


Promotion & Reception

1. The CCACC Art Gallery will make reasonable efforts to promote the exhibit to the local media. The CCACC Art Gallery will provide an e-invite; printing hard copies of the invitation will be at artist own cost.

2. The CCACC Art Gallery will provide snacks and beverages during the reception. The Artist may bring additional food to the reception.

3. The staff lounge may be used for the preparation of the reception. Any items left in the lounge must be disposed of at the close of the reception.

4. The Artist permits the CCACC Art Gallery to use photos and/or videos of the Artist’s artwork for any promotional purposes.


Sale of Artwork

1. All sales of artwork in the CCACC Art Gallery will be handled by the CCACC Art Gallery, six percent (6%) sales tax will be collected as required on top of the sales price.

2. The CCACC Art Gallery is entitled to receive a twenty percent (20%) commission of the sales price of the artwork that is displayed in the CCACC Art Gallery and sold at any time between the exhibit’s opening and closing dates.

3. The Artist shall immediately notify the CCACC Art Gallery via email if his/her displayed artwork has been sold without the knowledge of the CCACC Art Gallery.


Close of Exhibition

1. The Artist must remove all items from the CCACC Art Gallery and remove all debris from the exhibit walls and floor.

2. Artwork must be picked up within 2 days after the close of the exhibition unless a special arrangement is made with the CCACC Art Gallery. If the Artist fails to pick up the artwork within 5 days after an email notice from the CCACC Art Gallery, then such artwork shall become the property of the CCACC Art Gallery. Under that circumstance, the CCACC Art Gallery shall have the unilateral right to dispose of the artwork in any manner it desires.

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