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Words Re-Examined

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

February 4, 2023 - March 10, 2023

Contemporary Calligraphy by Four Artists

Exhibition Artwork

Our Reception

About the Exhibit

Calligraphy has been viewed as art for more than two millennia in China. The practical use of handwriting has been waning in modern times, especially in this age of computers, where word-processing inputs have replaced handwriting. However, as an art form, calligraphy is still a viable genre that attracts many artists from the East and West. On the other hand, the waves of new art movements in the last several decades have liberated many areas of art from the bounds of their traditional media, tools, or method of presentation. Calligraphy is no exception. And we have witnessed many new directions in contemporary calligraphy.

The four artists in this exhibition are all masters in traditional calligraphy. They are re-examining calligraphy with contemporary concepts and have experimented with their ideas to create work in their new directions. They are Xiaosheng Bi, Kit-Keung Kan, Yuming Sun of Chinese descent, and Myoung Won Kwon of Korean descent. In this exhibition, Kwon composes portraits and other visual images with his superbly brushed Korean characters, Sun overlaps and superimposes his characters and texts to create pieces akin to abstract painting, Kan uses ink and acrylic calligraphy in his installations, and Ki uses expressive and broad strokes as well as water stains to transform his calligraphy. We hope this exhibition will promote more interest in contemporary calligraphy in our art community

The Artists

  • Xiaosheng Bi

  • Kit-Keung Kan

  • Yuming Sun

  • Myoung Won Kwon

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