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Paving the Way

May 15, 2017 - May 24, 2017

This exhibit recognizes the accomplishments of our Chinese American predecessors, whose bravery paved the way for future generations to thrive in America. Their successes helped shape American history and were eventually acknowledged in many ways. For example, in 2012—130 years after the Chinese Exclusion Act first went into effect—Congress passed a historic resolution expressing regret for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. The exhibit combines some themes of CCACC “Chinese American Heritage” exhibits from 2001 to 2003 that were displayed during the Lunar New Year festivities at Lakeforest Shopping Center, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The photographic stories included are under three main categories:

  • Nation Builders - which showcases the vitality and resilience of these brave Chinese Americans. Mining the Gold Mountain | Building Railroads | Developing the Agricultural Empire and Sea Industries | Fighting for the Nation | The Anti-Chinese Movement

  • The Struggle for Acceptance - which highlights the challenges that Chinese Americans faced in the United States during the mid-1880s. Challenging Unfairness | Contributions by Chinese Americans | Making a Difference

  • Chinese American Stories - which focuses on the lives of some Chinese Americans who made the Greater Washington D.C. area their home. They were interviewed in 2003.

Exhibition Artwork

Nation Builders

The Struggle for Acceptance

Chinese American Stories

Janelle Wong's Presentation

Janelle Wong, PhD - Director, Asian American Studies Professor, American Studies and Government and Politics

Our Reception