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Celebrating the AAPI Heritage Month Virtual Exhibition

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

May 2021

CCACC Art Gallery Celebrating the AAPI Heritage Month, held the Virtual Exhibition Featuring 8 Asian American Artists, entitled "2021 Celebrating the AAPI Heritage Month" in May. Featuring 8 Asian Americans: Paul K. Y. Kwok, In-soon Shin, Yuming Sun, Yoshiko Ratliff, Akemi Maegawa, Shanye Huang, Quanxuan Shuai, and Myoung-Won Kwon.

Exhibition Artwork

Paul K. Y. Kwok

In-soon Shin

Quanxuan Shuai

Yuming Sun

Myoung-Won Kwon

Yoshiko Ratliff

Shanye Huang

Akemi Maegawa

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