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Welcome to CCACC Art Gallery! The CCACC Art Gallery opened its doors in March 2016, designed to add another dimension to CCACC's service to the community.  The Gallery displays diverse artwork in seven exhibits a year. 


The Gallery occupies about 2,650 square feet of exhibition space, with three walls that offer a total of 115 feet for displays. The facility is equipped with audio-visual technology and available for rent.  


For Gallery rental information, please call (301) 820-7200, Ext. 8107.



CCACC Art Gallery is supported by Arts & Humanities



Designed to advance deeper cross-cultural understanding in our community

CCACC Art Gallery is temporarily closed.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Student Art Competition
Sponsored by the Chinese American Museum DC and the CCACC Art Gallery



華府美國華人博物館和美京華人活動中心美京藝廊於2020年11月以主題 “Our Time” 舉辦的大華府地區華裔 K-12學生水彩畫比賽,由於學生參展非常踴躍而且作品都很傑出頗富創意,幾經評審審慎評選後決定增加特優獎20名。主辦單位於一月八日通知得獎的學生,得獎名單會公布在美京藝廊和華府美國華人博物館網站。未得獎的學生也將頒發精美獎狀以獎勵同學對繪畫的熱愛。由於疫情關係,得獎作品將於二月十二日至三月三十一日在美國華人博物館展出,因應疫情間的安全,參觀人數將依規定採先登記的方式安排參觀(詳情請聯絡該館)。視訊頒獎典禮將於二月十三日星期六下午7時舉辦。歡迎有興趣的朋友登記參與。

請聯絡: artcompetition@chineseamericanmuseum.org 博物館位于華盛頓市中心第十六大街,地址:1218 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20036。


高年級組 第一名 (獎學金$2000和獎牌):姚禹曈 (McLean High School), 第二名 (獎學金$1000和獎牌):伍家萱 (Winston Churchill High School, 希望中文學校),陈姿羽 (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology);第三名 (獎學金$300和獎牌):吴姗霓 (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology), Vicky Chen (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology),Levana Gu (McLean High School),张清婷 (McLean High School);特優獎 (獎學金$100和獎狀):万家其 (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology),郑畅 (Trailside Middle School, 希望中文學校) , 唐青杨 (McLean High School, 希望中文學校),张睿瑶 (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Sunberry Art Studio),童琳月 (River Bend Middle School),张馨文 (Winston Churchill High School),王凝晖 (Langley High School),姚华薇 (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology),沈悠扬 (Longfellow Middle School, 希望中文學校)。

低年級組 第一名 (獎學金$1000和獎牌):從缺,第二名 (獎學金$600和獎牌):Janet Li (Navy Elementary School, 美中實驗中文學校),陈妍霏 (Taylor Elementary School, 希望中文學校);第三名 (獎學金$200和獎牌):张翕如 (Haycock Elementary School, 希望中文學校),王语菲 (BASIS Independent McLean),李凯玲 (Potomac Elementary School);特優獎 (獎學金$100和獎狀):朱静淇 (Cold Spring Elementary, 美中實驗中文學校),刘美晴 (Travilah Elementary School, 希望中文學校),朱爱烨 (Lemon Road Elementary School, 希望中文學校),刘清乐 (Chesterbrook Elementary School),纪文怡 (Colvin Run Elementary School),Ivan Li (Navy Elementary School, 美中實驗中文學校),何之源 (Kent Gardens Elementary School, Sunberry Art Studio),张芮源 (Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary School, CCACC 中文課後班),李瀚洋 (Forestville Elementary School, Sunberry Art Studio),柴尔雅 (Haycock Elementary School, Sunberry Art Studio),邢诺亚 (Colvin Run Elementary School)。


高年級組 第一名 (獎學金$2000和獎牌):裘梓豪 (深圳小燕画院),第二名 (獎學金$1000和獎牌):李雨璠 (深圳小燕画院),曹亦奇 (深圳小燕画院),戴青媛 (深圳小燕画院);第三名 (獎學金$300和獎牌):薛子湉 (深圳小燕画院),汤媛媛 (深圳小燕画院),张可嘉 (深圳小燕画院);特優獎 (獎學金$100和獎狀):黄应心 (深圳小燕画院),李靖壹 (深圳小燕画院),邴君陶 (深圳小燕画院)。

低年級組 第一名 (獎學金$1000和獎牌):邢依然 (深圳小燕画院),第二名 (獎學金$600和獎牌):管梓涵 (深圳小燕画院),蓝锦田 (深圳小燕画院);第三名 (獎學金$200和獎牌):周易 (深圳小燕画院),徐小可 (深圳小燕画院),于庄泽锐 (Samantha Smith Elementary School, Sammamish, American Academy of Fine Arts, WA);特優獎 (獎學金$100和獎狀):黄梓峻 (深圳小燕画院),张博雅 (深圳小燕画院)。


高年級組 第一名姚禹曈 “Fighting”

高年級組 第二名陈姿羽 “Blue Hour”

高年級組 第二名伍家萱 “Faith”

高年級組 第三名Sanne Wu “Fighting”

高年級組 第三名 Vicky Chen “Our Time”

高年級組 第三名 Levana Gu “Your Reality"

高年級組 第三名 Olivia Zhang “The Reality of COVID”

低年級組 第二名Janet Li
“Running Out of Time”

低年級組 第二名陈妍霏

“Our Melting World”

低年級組 第三名 
Sophia Wang王语菲 "Together"

低年級組 第三名Elaine Zhang 张翕如

“Dual Responsibilities for A Better Tomorrow”

低年級組 第三名 
Abigail McHugh 李凯玲 "Our Time"

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2017 Water Color Exhibition by Takomo.jp

"Time extracts various values from a painter's work.

When these values are exhausted the pictures are forgotten, and the more a picture has to give, the greater it is."

Henri Matisse