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The Szechuan Breeze: New Style of Chinese Painting by 5 Artists from Szechuan

Sat, Sep 1, 2018, – Sat, Sep 22, 2018

Opening Reception: September 1, 2018, Saturday, 2pm - 4pm

Since late 1970s, Chinese painting has boomed and developed in a diverse way. "The Szechuan Breeze" Art Exhibition will exhibits nearly 30 pieces of Chinese paintings by five art professors and professional painters from Sichuan, China. Through the artworks, you will see that the five artistscontinue to make breakthroughs on the basis of traditional painting. These five artists have their own unique styles, different from each other. They have novel creations that blend into the landscapes of the Sichuan Plateau. It is refreshing to show the humanities and weather of Sichuan in different styles. Welcome any friends to visit the exhibition and network with the artists!

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